KayLynn Flanders

Edit ● Design ● Publish

What I Do


Content Edit: This is the first editor to see your manuscript. A content edit focuses on big-picture items (plot, pacing, characterization, organization, etc.).

Line Edit: This is the second edit, and handles word choice, voice, clarity, and tone at a sentence and paragraph level. This is to help tighten prose and strengthen sentences.

Copyedit (proofread): This is the final pass, looking for spelling and punctuation errors, dropped words, and consistency in spelling and style throughout.

* I recommend at least two editors look at your manuscript (a line and copyedit). As hard as I try to catch everything, two sets of eyes are always better than one.

** Remember that you are the creative master of your manuscript. Any suggestions I give are just suggestions, and you are free to accept or reject any proposed changes. I do my best to keep your writing voice intact and maintain clarity while editing.


Interior Formatting

When you send me your book, I will create a sample design for the interior. Once you approve it I will apply it to the rest of your book and then typeset it (adjust the text so there are no widows or orphans, fix word stacks, etc.). I will then send you a print-ready PDF that you can send to your printer, or help you arrange printing with a local printer.



There are many different types of ebooks and distribution platforms. My process is usually to convert a Word or InDesign file into an ePub (the generic ebook file type), which you can upload to your preferred platform (Amazon KDP, Smashwords, NookPress, etc.). Most platforms will have an online grinder that will convert an ePub into their specific file (.mobi, .iBook, etc.). I keep the design simple so that it will convert well into any platform.

If you aren’t printing your book (ebook only), I can also format a Word document for ebook conversion and leave it as a .docx for you to submit to the online grinder. This involves applying styles and creating an interactive table of contents within your Word document. This can be a good option if you are only publishing digitally. This way you can make changes to your text in the future—the file will be accessible to you without a specialized program.

Cover Design