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Jennifer Peel, bestselling author

I’ve worked with KayLynn on my last several manuscripts and plan on using her for my future releases. Her insight and eye for detail have only enhanced each of my novels she’s worked on. For someone that writes from the first-person point of view, it is important to find an editor that can correct any errors, but not kill your voice, and KayLynn does this flawlessly. Not only that, she is reasonably priced and timely. I would highly recommend her.


Kirk Edwards, Media Director at Snowy Peaks Media

KayLynn is an energetic and talented expert who will give your project the care and attention to detail it needs to make it the best it can be. I’d highly recommend her.


K.A. Parkinson, author of The Chosen Chronicles

KayLynn Flanders is amazing! I’ve worked with other freelance editors and I have to say, KayLynn is the best! Between her fabulous line edit and her spot-on content edit, I will never use another editor for my indie books again. She caught the inconsistencies in the story, the clichés, and the plot holes with encouragement, and her suggestions never felt like an intrusion on my author voice. My completed story was much stronger because of her. Along with all that her design skills are top notch! Her layout of the interior of my newest traditionally published book captured my vision in a way I couldn’t have described. It’s so hard to find good, trustworthy editors and designers, but KayLynn truly is a “diamond in the rough.”


Kevin Mortensen, President of Mountain West Real Estate Development

I have known KayLynn Flanders professionally for 8 years. She is a wonderful and accomplished editorial artist.

For me, KayLynn was an editorial godsend, whose skills and talents created a beautiful and professionally formatted book titled Witnessing the Hand of the Lord in the Dominican Republic (over 450 pages). This project started with just a very rough beginning (thirteen partial chapters, some random journal entries, and lots of ideas). With her guidance and skill it became more than we ever imagined—a cohesive, beautiful tribute to the missionary work in the Dominican Republic in English, and then we turned around and translated it into Spanish! Her editing and design abilities were top notch and we did it all on a very tight deadline. We have reprinted the book and each time she has exceeded our expectations.

On top of her excellent editorial, writing, and production skills, KayLynn is great to work with. She is friendly, good-natured, and it always was a pleasure to work with her. Her character, enthusiasm, positive mental attitude, and dedication will be a strong asset to any project.


Kathryn Thompson, - Author of Drops of Awesome

Kaylynn KayLynn Flanders is a thorough and talented editor who has had a hand in shaping each of my projects. Her invaluable feedback strengthens my manuscripts immensely each time I work with her.