KayLynn Flanders

Edit ● Design ● Publish

Pricing & Policies

I give estimates based on the amount of work a project requires.

For editing, please send a sample page, project word count, and include what type of editing you are looking for (content edit, line edit, copyedit/proofread). Also include any pressing deadlines.

For print design or ebook conversion, please send a detailed project description, including current format (.docx, etc.), page count, and any pressing deadlines.

Once I give you an estimate, that price is set. However, if you make major changes during a project, I will charge an hourly rate of $30/hr for the entire project.

I accept payment by check or through PayPal.

You will retain all rights for your project; I just ask that my work be credited. 

**Please respect my personal standards: I will not edit or design anything containing what I deem to be inappropriate content (sex, graphic violence, intense horror, etc.).